International solidarity in your school

Want to awaken the students in your class to global citizenship? That your school is committed to international solidarity? Here is a series of ideas for activities that you can carry out as is or by adapting them to your audience (first, second or third grade students, sector, etc.) All the sheets are downloadable for free. If you carry out an activity, do not hesitate to send your opinions or photos to, this is precious to us.


Important note

This content comes from the website Solidarity school, designed in 2016 as a toolbox, a directory of ideas for organizing various activities in secondary classes.

For who ? All secondary school staff! Directors, teachers, managers of libraries or other school structures, etc.

How does it work ? On the website, two entrance doors of research are possible:

  • Either by choosing a theme (right box), to get ideas for activities, tools and organizations working on this subject;
  • Either by choosing an activity (left box), filtering the search with the criteria of your choice (number of students, level, location, type, duration).

The École solidaire website will cease to be populated from July 2022. It nevertheless remains online, and the activities referenced there are still relevant today. Don’t hesitate to draw inspiration from it at your leisure!

For an updated offer after 2022, go here:


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