Awareness & animation

Raising awareness is a necessary step in citizen action! We are undertaking numerous actions to raise awareness among the Belgian population. Campaigns, videos, events, etc. Discover them and take part!

Raising awareness for action

Many topics deserve to have a place in public debate. Justice & Peace regularly carries out campaigns, events and activities to raise awareness among the Belgian population of the issues that are important to them. 

Whether you are a citizen or a teacher, we offer numerous activities aimed at raising awareness, supporting and mobilizing the general public. To learn more about the themes of international conflicts, natural resources, migration, mining extractivism in DR Congo and Peru, ecological transition and metal issues, violation of human rights, memory and reconciliation, etc. take part in one of our activities!

You are teacher?

We offer activities for your classes of students on conflicts & migrations, natural resources, good governance, memory work, etc. We also organize teacher training and reinforcement sessions on the use of our educational tools. Don't wait any longer to tackle social issues with your students!

You are citizen?

We regularly publish awareness campaigns aimed at Belgian citizens on themes that concern us all. You will also be able to participate in the numerous citizen events that we organize throughout the year: conferences, round tables, film debates, round tables, etc.