Emancipation in schools


The activity is primarily aimed at secondary school teachers of all disciplines and levels, educators and why not school principals. The activity can be carried out with a group of 8 to 24 people. The animation presented in this brochure lasts 4 hours but it can vary depending on whether you want to go deeper into one or another aspect of the evaluation.


Theme : Social issues ; School
Tool type : Educational proposal.
Target audiences : Secondary education teachers of all disciplines and all levels; educators and facilitators.
Year : 2018
Price : Downloadable for free – Paper version at 4€ + shipping costs


Emancipation is part of the missions of education. It aims to build a more egalitarian society, but also to train the open, critical and united citizens of tomorrow. Today, this mission is marginalized in the world of school. And teachers often feel helpless to take charge of it.
To revalue it, continuing education, where the notion of emancipation is central, can be a source of inspiration for schools. Based on the CIRCEPT emancipation tool, this brochure offers an animation allowing teachers (but also educators and directors) to take stock of their relationship to emancipation. Am I an emancipated teacher? Are my practices emancipatory for my students?
At a time of immediacy, this animation allows us to take a break and exchange between peers to lay the foundations for a different kind of teaching.


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