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Why support us?

Supporting Justice & Peace means supporting a Belgian organization at Human scale, but with international reach.

It allows our audiences to “Understand to act better”, a mission that cannot be done without you. 

It is, alongside us, working to protection of human rights And encourage social and environmental justice

It is also thanks to your generosity that we maintain our links, essential to our work research and analysis, with our partners in Peru, DR Congo and Burundi.

 It is allowing us to act concretely For the emergence of a citizen debate essential to the exercise of democracy by all, for more peace and justice here and elsewhere.

For all your past, present and future donations, a big thank-you from the Justice & Peace team.

What do we do with your donations?

Collecting donations is crucial for the proper functioning of Justice & Peace. Your contributions allow us to carry out our actions of sensitization, of teacher and citizen training, of political advocacy And analysis. Thanks to your donations, we equip Belgian citizens to become actors of change!

Travail avec les partenaires

Thanks to your donations, we can work as close as possible to our partners in Central Africa and Latin America by going into the field, or by allowing our partners to raise their voice directly with Belgian political leaders. We can, with their experience and expertise, act on the root causes of international conflicts, environmental challenges and issues related to democracy. We take advantage of these visits to strengthen our relationships of trust and develop new awareness tools.

Help us realize our projects abroad with our partners in Peru, DR Congo and Burundi.

Political advocacy

Notre pôle plaidoyer est très actif pour agir au niveau politique sur des questions de droits humains, des questions environnementales et de prévention des conflits. Vos donations permettent notamment un financement des visites à l'étranger et du suivi de nos dossiers concernant les droits humains et l'environnement. Grâce à vos dons, nous pouvons agir et rester au coeur de ces thématiques.

Support our advocacy for human rights and the environment, here and elsewhere.

Training & activities

Nous organisons de nombreuses formations tout au long de l'année. Celles-ci sont destinées aux citoyen·nes, aux enseignant·es, aux acteur·rices de la société civile, etc. Chaque année, votre générosité nous permet de les organiser au mieux et de fournir un contenu toujours plus actuel et enrichi sur des sujets tels que les ressources naturelles, la mobilisation citoyenne, le travail de mémoire, la prévention des conflits, etc.

Help us train many teachers on our themes each year.

Educational tools

Many teachers use our educational tools to address complex themes with their high school students, the adults of tomorrow! These tools are also intended for presenters wishing to raise certain questions with their audiences. Board games, educational files, digital tools, serious games, etc. By supporting us, you intervene, with us, in their design.

Participate with us in raising awareness among high school students, the citizens of tomorrow.

How to support us?

Donate monthly

If you would like to support us on a regular basis, you can send a standing order to
BE30 0682 3529 1311, mentioning  » DONATION » + your first and last name in your communication. This will allow you to provide us with the amount you have chosen on a regular basis and without any further constraints for you.

Donate unique

You can also support us in a one-off or one-off way, with a small or larger amount. For that, emake a single transfer to BE30 0682 3529 1311, mentioning  » DONATION » + your first and last name in your communication. Every support, whatever it may be, counts to help us carry out our projects successfully.

More information on donations?

From €40 per year, your contribution is tax deductible up to 45%. At the end of the year, a donation of €40 will actually only cost you €22. 

Our accounts are available on simple request, and audited each year by a company auditor. A rigor that has earned us the trust of our donors and funders. Our audited accounts are published in full transparency on Donorinfo.

By placing Justice & Peace in your will, you can contribute, after your departure, to a fairer and more peaceful world. By making a bequest as a couple, you contribute to a work that is close to your heart, while reducing the inheritance tax owed by your loved ones. For more information about bequests, contact  

We process your data in accordance with the European Personal Data Protection Regulation. These are stored in a secure database and will not, under any circumstances, be disclosed to third parties.

Each year, many donors place their trust in us for training, advocacy, awareness-raising and analysis projects on themes anchored in the DNA of Justice & Peace. Why not you? Contact our general secretary

For €15, you can also subscribe to a support subscription to our quarterly magazine “Le Pour Parler de Paix” which covers, every 3 months, various topics related to current events. Sign up for a support subscription here!

And concretely, what does that mean?

2016, Visit to Peru

In 2016, Justice & Peace went to Peru accompanied by its NGO partners CooperAcción. We met key players who are direct witnesses to the consequences of mining projects. We achieved a documentary to raise awareness of the social conflicts surrounding these projects. On our return, political meetings on the follow-up to the free trade agreement between Peru and the EU represented an opportunity for our Peruvian partner, Ana Romero, to meet European decision-makers and share with them the point of view of Peruvian civil society regarding the impacts of this treaty on the ground.

2018-21, A project in Burundi

Our project entitled “Strengthening social cohesion as a source of factor of peace and culture democratic”, launched in 2018 with our partners from the Episcopal Justice & Peace Commission (CEJP-Burundi), aimed to promote the resilience of local communities through the strengthening of participatory governance, the creation of spaces for dialogue and commemoration the past. Together, we are notably managed to form committees participatory governance premises: intermediaries between the population and municipal authorities, who also raise awareness of civil rights and fight against stereotypes and intolerance between ethnic groups. In addition, more than 2,000 students were made aware of the culture of peace and respect for the common good thanks to the “School Peace Clubs”.

2020, Focus on diamond

In this serious games designed for high school students, you will discover what is hidden inside our digital objects. Starting from extraction in the DR Congo to global consumption of diamonds, this game exposes the challenges of the exploitation of mining resources. This takes us into the reality of the diamond trade in eastern DR Congo. The players embody characters, stakeholders in this trade, and thus perceive the power relationships that are at work. 
Focus on Diamond is a complete educational tool, allowing high school students to question themselves on a subject that is too little explored. We regularly organize activities in schools with this type of tool.

2021, at the UN

In October 2021, the seventh session of
Negotiations for a binding treaty on business and human rights were held at the United Nations in Geneva. Justice & Peace was actively involved and followed the discussions closely. 
This treaty, if adopted, could prevent human rights abuses by corporations, but also guarantee access to justice and reparation for affected individuals and communities. The Justice & Peace advocacy unit visited the site with other civil society organizations. These trips to the North, as well as to the South within the institutions, as well as the reception of our partners for the purposes of political advocacy are essential to be able to follow our files closely.