Volunteering is at the heart of the continuing education project at Justice and Peace. We offer different spaces for the exchange of ideas and solidarity commitment for anyone wishing to act in favor of the common good. 

Why get involved with Justice & Peace?

As citizens, there are many injustices that revolt us. In terms of taxation, democracy, conflicts, poverty, migration or the environment, the reasons to be outraged are innumerable. Faced with the scale of contemporary crises, we can feel isolated and discouraged.

What to do ? How to move from indignation to action? What means are available to us to influence reality? Join our team of volunteers!


Citizen participation is at the heart of our operation, and a condition sine qua non of democracy. Joining the Justice & Peace team of volunteers is a great way to get involved, with us, for peace and social & environmental justice.

Are you over 18 years old and living in Belgium? There are many volunteering opportunities! find the one that suits your skills, your time and your desires.

The objectives of working groups can be very diverse: writing texts, studies, supervision of educational tools, citizen advocacy, organization of a debate, a film screening, production of a podcast, dissemination of our productions,…                         

To get an overview of each group’s activities, visit the page Workgroups.

The regional commissions meet in Wavre, Namur and Liège. Their actions and meetings focus on themes as varied as the fight against precariousness, the situation in the DR Congo, the problem of housing and the challenges of migration... and nothing prevents them from infusing new ideas.

For more information, visit the page Regional commissions.

You can become an administrative volunteer in order to support the daily management of the association and support the proofreading of studies, analyzes and exciting educational tools! Depending on your availability, you can bring your skills one or more times a week or month.

General Assembly

Update or definition of thematic orientations, positions and fundamental options, approval of budgets and accounts, appointment of board members, etc. The general assembly is made up of representatives from the development education and continuing education sectors and partners.

Board of Directors

He is responsible for implementing the association's institutional strategy and applies the guidelines defined by the General Assembly.

Write articles, portraits or views on current events in our quarterly magazine by joining the editorial committee of Pour Parler de Paix. The opportunity to look into many current issues and learn more about causes that affect us all!

With the literary café, you will gather around 3 novels on a theme covered by Justice & Peace, in order to have an overview. 

Give us a helping hand by becoming a one-off volunteer when organizing events, running a stand at festivals, etc.

Want to try the adventure?

Interested? Good news ! Questions ? we are here to answer them! Contact Sarah directly, our entertainment manager at sarah.verriest@justicepaix.be or fill out the form below.

Our organization gives you the opportunity to exchange your view of the world with others in order to be able to transform it.

Learn more about the different methods of engagement using our volunteer notebook.