Political advocacy

We carry out daily political advocacy work on numerous issues with the aim of a fairer and more peaceful world. Here is our advocacy work in favor of the common good.

What is political advocacy?

Advocacy is a tool generally used by civil society with the objective of influencing both formal policies (via parliaments, political parties, international agencies, legislative bodies, etc.) and informal (civil society, families, religious institutions, etc.). This strategic process of collective action aims to influence political decisions and practices in the direction of the general interest. Unlike lobbying, advocacy is carried out in the interest of a third party, the common good and encourages awareness, promotes understanding of societal issues and the search for solutions.

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Political advocacy is not just for organizations! Not every citizen can seize the opportunity to change trajectories.
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For what and who pleads for Justice & Peace?

The advocacy carried out among decision-makers by Justice & Peace is carried out in conjunction with our partners in Belgium and internationally. This one is focused on peace and security, conflict prevention, respect for humans and the environment. Thanks to regular visits to our civil society partners in Peru, DR Congo, Burundi and Rwanda, we implement advocacy that is as close as possible to the needs and challenges of the populations concerned. We act at the local, national and European levels. We also regularly welcome our partners to Brussels, as close as possible to European authorities.

Our different pleas

Our advocacy is inspired by the rigorous study of conflicts and international issues. It takes the form of interpellations, positions taken, memoranda, political meetings, etc.

Our positions

Find here our positions relating to natural resources and international conflicts.

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