Greenhouse gases, who pays the bill?

Currently, many regions of the world are devastated by violent climatic events. However, rich countries are often less severely impacted. Faced with this injustice, COP 27 of 2022 finally recorded the establishment of a loss and damage fund aimed at international and solidarity financial support to help with reconstruction.

Extractivism or the siding?

L’extractivisme : c’est quoi ? L’extractivisme subit de sérieuses critiques, notamment de la part d’auteurs et autrices d’Amérique du Sud, en raison de ses conséquences politiques, économiques, sociales, environnementales et autres. Eduardo Gudynas[1], chercheur uruguayen spécialiste de cette question, définit l’extractivisme comme l’appropriation de ressources naturelles, de quelque nature que ce soit (ressources minières, énergies […]

“The economics of degrowth” with Timothée Parrique

On December 13, Hec-Liège, the Canopea association and Justice & Peace organized a conference by Timothée Parrique, Dr. in ecological economics and researcher at the University of Lund (Sweden) on his work “Slow down or perish, the economics of degrowth”.

Discovering a sober society

“Slow down or Perish: the economics of degrowth” is the title of the book written by Timothée Parrique which establishes new bases for thinking about society differently. Let's take the exercise one step further.

Towards an inflationary transition?

As a response to the current crises, Europe offers us “green growth” without questioning the neoliberal economic system. Is this the solution?