Compulsory education in the face of climate issues

Considering that what she learned at school was out of step with current issues, and in particular climate change, Greta Thunberg put her finger on a real problem: the role of school and its adaptation to the challenges in our time.

Conflict in Ukraine: how to position yourself for Peace, from Belgium?

The conflict in Ukraine has exploded at the “gates” of the European Union. This war reminds us of the importance of understanding the issues of peace from Belgium and of finding the right guidelines to position ourselves in the face of the consequences of the military invasion.

To live in “the world after”, we must “tear away the curtain of pre-interpretation”

For all those who want cultural democracy, each individual or each group is approached as being endowed with a culture, that is to say, among other things, with a system of perception and representation of the world which allows you to learn from your experience and, from there, to evolve your representations, to put your belongings to work, in short to produce yourself rather than reproduce. However, this approach is not automatically effective.