Gold at all costs?

This educational file, built around an audio-visual document and a photo-language, proposes to meet a Peruvian family who has seen their living conditions deteriorate since the installation, in their neighborhood, of a large mining company. The file also consists of a 33-minute awareness documentary, Peru, the mine at all costs.


The file addresses the theme of the consequences that mining has for local populations in Peru. The economy of this country is in fact heavily dependent on mining. But the populations who are rarely consulted on mining projects oppose them during demonstrations which are harshly repressed. The country has experienced more than 200 social conflicts for several years.

The tool contains a DVD containing an audio-visual documentary and photos, as well as 110 educational sheets which address this theme from every angle. They are accompanied by maps, photos, graphs. All these documents are also on the DVD.

In its new edition, the file contains the documentary Peru, the mine at all costs. which addresses in images the problem of social conflicts around mines through 2 concrete cases (Las Bambas and Espinar).

This tool can support an animation given by Justice and Peace on natural resources and the Conflicts : the case of Peru.

Target audiences : secondary education and higher education teachers; educators and facilitators working with young people aged 15 to 20; any citizen wishing to learn more about mining in the DRC.
Year : 2019
Price : 5€ + shipping costs


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