New technologies, at what cost for the South?



The growing need for new technologies has an environmental and human cost, which falls largely on the shoulders of populations in the South.

In DR Congo, where the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of our electronic devices are extracted, the populations who dig in the mines face many difficulties: environmental damage, conflicts, corruption, indecent working conditions. What elements of the international context fuel this situation? How can we act, in Belgium, to change this?

The Justice and Peace Commission of Walloon Brabant, in collaboration with the CNCD11.11.11, invite Vincent Georis from the newspaper L'Echo, Jacques Kabongo, volunteer within the Justice Peace – Liège Commission, Timur Uluç, advocacy officer within the Justice and Peace team, as well as all citizens of the province to discuss these issues.

These speakers will allow us to approach the dynamic from three very complementary angles: the voice of the media and the field experience linked to it, the voice of the Belgian diaspora with an analysis of work in the mines, as well as the voice of the manager of advocacy, seeking possible political solutions and citizen alternatives!

We are expecting many of you for these discussions!

**Practical information :

– Date: October 19, 2017, at 7:30 p.m.
– Price: Free
– Location: Blocry parish hall, Rue Haute n°2, 1340 Ottignies LLN
– Contact person for Justice & Peace: +32 (0)2 738 08 01



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