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Information and orders: Justice and Peace – 02/738 08 01

March 2010: number 70

-Position: For an (finally) effective Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty -Dossier: World Women's March and citizen mobilization -First reflection: Citizen action within the framework of continuing education -Second reflection: The access to natural resources and their control in Central Africa: the case of access to land by women in South Kivu. -Portrait: Pierrette Pape, activist with the World March of Women Belgium. number 70

June 2010: issue 71

-Position: Chacha and Congo 50 synergies! : together for the 50 years of independence of the DRC - File: THE DRC 50 years after independence: realities and challenges - First reflection: Africa and Europe: responsibilities to share! -Second reflection: 50 years of independence…What do they say about it today? -Portrait: Célestin Bamwisho, the independence of the DRC, a challenge still to be met. number 71

September 2010: issue 72

-Position: tax on financial transactions: Europe must play a pioneering role -Dossier: 2010: A European year for Belgium -First reflection: Presidency of the European Union: what can Belgium do? -Second reflection: 2010, a European year of combating poverty -Portrait: Bilal Chuitar and the Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles: the European Year of Combating Poverty is an opportunity to “get out of the local area” number 72

December 2010: issue 73

-Position: Millennium Development Goals: Beyond the speeches, a cruel lack of will and political coherence. -Dossier: 2010: What world are we transmitting? -First reflection: When Belgian-Congolese relations are expressed in creation -Second reflection: Plea for “catastrophe” -Portrait: Acción Crítica, a student movement to reform Peru number 73



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