Study – The challenge of peace for the European Union

More than topical, the challenge of peace has (re)become a central issue since the resurgence of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But not only that… many other conflicts are raging throughout the world, whether intra or interstate.

From then on, it seemed more than important to us to focus on peace, but above all to question it in the light of the current challenges we face in the European Union. Because, even if conflicts do not affect us directly, they are part of our daily lives. Through the media which relay them, people forced to flee conflicts sometimes find refuge in Europe, or even by the involvement of States in certain wars. These effects undoubtedly affect us, as Belgian citizens, and it is essential to be able to position ourselves against them.

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This study takes as its starting point 3 conferences with experts on issues of conflicts, the European Union, the law of armed conflict, remilitarization, arms exports, etc.

Imagine that all men
Live in peace
You're going to say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one...

John Lennon, Imagine, 1971

By taking stock of the defense prospects of the European Union, by an explanation of the (re)militarization of Europe and by the functioning of the regulation of the arms industry, our study aims to make these issues a little better known to the general public, while maintaining a critical vision. The last part of the study focuses on recentralization on a culture of committed, civic, active and concrete peace, always oriented by respect for human rights, international law and democracy. By also questioning pacifism, the aim is to provide avenues for citizen action in favor of peace.

Expert on the issues of international conflicts, and convinced of the need for broader reflection on peace and citizen participation on the subject, we organize numerous events, conferences and training around peace. This study joins a broader system, to allow us all to participate on our scale!

This study is aimed at all audiences, and provides keys to understanding the current context in the European Union, the regulations in force for armed conflicts and arms exports, as well as avenues for citizen action to cultivate peace on an individual scale.

Thanks to Christophe Wasinski (ULB), Saslia Bricmont (ECOLO), Samuel Longuet (GRIP), Quentin Michel (ULiège), François Graas (Amnesty International), Michel Liégeois (UCL) and to the audiences of the 3 conferences for their interventions and contributions.

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