CITIZEN ACTIONS: the power of your commitment


The world we live in raises many questions and even
of indignation. However, when the urge takes us to act to change things,
it is not uncommon for this to generate a feeling of helplessness, a certain fatalism.
The multiples current crises (social, environmental, etc.) lead to
many uncertainties for the future and may cause reactions
shared, between revolt and paralysis.

Why or what are we mobilizing for? Pretending to be able to answer this
problematic seems totally utopian as the field of possibilities is
immense. This study offers for thought on the current context
mobilizations and social movements in Belgium, as well as on the means
action and citizen engagement. She is also interested in a means of action
little known to the general public but accessible to all: the citizen advocacy.


This study is punctuated by the testimonies of actors and actresses who have been led to get involved in contemporary social struggles. They give us their experiences, their experiences and their advice which support the reflections present in the study.

Ruth Paluku-Atoka

Safia Kessas
Journalist and director

Yves Makwambalaet
Member of the LUCHA movement

Nicolas Van Nuffel
Head of the advocacy department @CNCD 11.11.11