Strengthen the regulation on conflict minerals

In 2017, the European Union adopted Regulation 2017/821, often called the Conflict Minerals Regulation or 3TG (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) regulation, which aims to avoid minerals from and financing conflict zones.

study of IPIS and PAX concludes that there are no notable results from this regulation and that the illegal mineral trade continues to play an important role in financing conflicts.

This is why Justice & Peace is joining forces with a statement joint calling on the European Union to strengthen the regulation, to help businesses comply, to demand more transparency and traceability, to strengthen the Commission in implementing the regulation, not to rely too much on mechanisms put in place by the industry, to supplement the information provided by the industry with that provided by other sources, to strengthen its direct collaboration with producing countries and to obtain supplies in a more direct manner.

The press release, co-signed by numerous associations here

The study of IPIS and PAX in its entirety here


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