Focus on Diamond

Immerse yourself in the reality of the diamond trade in Kasai

Description of the board game

Who are the players involved in the mineral trade? in Kasai ? How does the conflict in this region go beyond the country's borders? What instruments should be put in place to improve the situation? How can I, a consumer, contribute to this? Focus on Diamond allows these questions to be explored in a participatory manner. In this new version (updated in 2020), players embody characters, all involved in the diamond trade in Kasai, and thus perceive the power relations that play out between them. The game is also an excellent gateway to understanding how consumers in the North are intimately connected to situations experienced in the South. We offer, to accompany the game, a complete debriefing and avenues for reflection and aids in understanding the links between conflicts and natural resources.

The themes explored in Focus on Diamond are directly linked to the content of the educational file “Behind our screens: the challenges of mining. Focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo » which is an excellent support for your animations.

In practice

Themes : Natural resources; Conflict prevention

Tool type : Board game

Target audiences : teachers of secondary education, high schools, universities; educators and facilitators working with young people aged 15 and over

Duration of activity : between 1.5 and 3 hours

Practical arrangements : this tool is available on loan, at your request, for a deposit of 20 euros OR for sale for your school, youth center or game library at the price of 35 euros.



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