Exhibition: From mining to GSM


Country extremely rich in natural resources, there DR Congo is one of the poorest countries on the planet. There are many actors who covet the country's resources and who participate in the violence, the first victims of which are the local populations. As consumers, we have a role to play! Our mobile phone represents a much more important issue than we imagine!


Themes : Natural resources; Conflict prevention
Tool type: Exposure
Target audiences : secondary education and higher education teachers; educators and facilitators working with young people aged 15 to 20; all audiences over 15 years old
Duration of activity : 2h
Year : 2018
Price : To borrow the exhibition, please contact info@justicepaix.be


The tool is presented as an exhibition made up of 6 panels (roll up 1m/2m). They relate respectively to:

  1. What is my mobile phone?
  2. From the mine to my mobile
  3. My GSM, what does it really cost in the South? (2 panels)
  4. And elsewhere in the world?
  5. What to do ? Possible solutions

The exhibition can also be the subject of an activity given by Justice et Paix which lasts approximately 2 hours.

The exhibition can be rented. She has already traveled to many places (Universities, High Schools, secondary schools, training places, etc.). The panels can also be downloaded free of charge from the Justice and Peace website and can be used directly by you.


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