DRC: The VSV demands the unconditional release of pro-democracy activists Bienvenue Matumo and Fred Bauma

Press release from the Voix des Sans Voix (VSV) concerning the arrest of LUCHA activists in the DRC.

The Voice of the Voiceless for Human Rights (VSV) condemns and denounces with the utmost energy the continued detention of pro-democracy activists of the citizen movement Struggle for Change (LUCHA), in this case Bienvenu Matumo and Fred Bauma . The VSV demands their immediate and unconditional release in order to allow them to continue their activities of promotion and defense of human rights. 

On another aspect, the VSV welcomes the release of some of their colleagues including, among others, Crispin Tshiya and Jean Paul Mualaba. 

As a reminder, All these pro-democracy activists were arrested by security service agents, Saturday February 3, 2024, at the esplanade of the Palais du Peuple in Kinshasa during a rally to commemorate and denounce the 600 days of occupation of the town of Bunagana, in eastern DRC, by M23 rebels.  

The VSV is surprised that pro-democracy activists were arrested and illegally detained when they were demonstrating to denounce Rwandan aggression and the occupation of part of the national territory by the M23, perpetrators of numerous massacres and others. massive violations of human rights. 

The VSV calls on the Congolese authorities to put an end to these types of arrests, arrests and arbitrary detentions, which nonetheless constitute a step backwards in terms of the fundamental freedoms of citizens, including the freedom to demonstrate.  

Ultimately, the VSV demands the immediate and unconditional release of Bienvenu Matumo and Fred Bauma who have not committed any crime.  

Done in Kinshasa on February 5, 2024. 



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